5 Reasons Why People Take You For Granted?


Are you a person who is always ready to help, soft spoken, decent, honest and ready to give love to all your friends and relatives? If yes, then I am sure that you would have felt at least once in life that people take you for granted. There are people who feel that they are taken for granted by their friends, spouse, colleagues, family etc. I know this truth is harsh but even with your loving and caring nature you don’t get the love and attention you deserve.

Even if you are one among them then it is better to analysis the situation and know why you are taken for granted by others because it hurts people when you genuinely care and love doesn’t care about your feelings.

Sometimes it’s your mistake that you give them lots of importance and all your feelings and emotions are attached to them. Before finding any solution to this problem, it is important that you should know the reasons why people take us for granted.

Reasons why People take you for granted:

  • You love them:

This is the biggest reason why anyone starts taking you for granted. If you are expressive and told a person that what he/she means to your life, he/she will start thinking that whatever happen you are never going to go away especially when it’s an unconditional love. So, if you think that the one you love is taking you granted, it’s time to rethink about that relation.

  • They rule your life:

There are people who have the power to make you smile as well as cry and when people become so important in your life, you become weak in front of them. You start living your life the way they want and try to do whatever makes them happy. The day others know their importance they will surely take you for granted.

  • You are Adjusting:

If you are adjusting, emotional in nature and keep others first while taking any decisions in life then people will surely take you for granted. It’s good to be nice to people but start thinking that you won’t do anything wrong with them and you will adjust for them in any situation. It’s very easy to play with emotions for adjusting person.

  • Never think about credits:

Even if you are trying to work hard for someone or care a lot for someone, you never expect to get care and credit in return then you need to become smarter. There are people whom you have to realize how much you work and care, sometimes you need to use words to show who you are and what your worth is. Once you will show your worth, they will stop taking you for granted.

  • Self-confidence:

Sometimes people lose their self-confidence either because of failures or wrong decisions in life. If you will lose self-confidence, how others are going to respect you? Lack of confidence gives permission to another to rule you. Unless you won’t show your importance, other won’t come to know what you mean to their lives.

Above were few major reasons why people start taking you for granted but to avoid such situation, you don’t have to be bad or rude to them. If you are polite and giving then don’t change yourself to show your worth, there are other ways to show others that you exist. I will surely share them in my next article. Meanwhile do share your views with us that why people are taken for granted.