Come On Inner Peace! I don’t have all day!


Samar Garg lost his peace after his beloved passed away.

Navya Sharma abandoned her peace in the hands of drugs.

Vandana doesn’t want to let go off her peace, but destiny has other plans for her.

We are all looking for peace of mind. So are they. An adventure which began at The Ashram, in Rishikesh, becomes one of the most soul crunching journeys ever!

Will they find out what they are looking for?

Will they find Inner Peace?

Will in the process of reading this book, you find out a thing or two about yourself?

Read to find out!

“If a book can change lives, this one definitely will.

A heart warming story, with a very strong message! Must read for everyone!”

About The Author
Sachin Garg is one of the highest selling authors in India. His books have been covered by many mainstream media and continue to feature on most bestseller lists.

The names of his books are:

I’m Not Twenty Four.. I’ve been nineteen for five years.
First Love.. Just like the last one!

Never Let Me Go.

He is also an entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Grapevine India Publishers Pvt Ltd, considered the only company to have made a huge mark on the Indian Commercial Publishing scene in several years.

He has been featured by Hindustan Times, Times of India, Aaj Tak and most prominent media.