Prosecutors in Jackson and Marshall Counties Crack Down on CBD oil


By Stephen McLamb

(WAFF) – Prosecutors in two northeast Alabama counties are directing law enforcement to be on the lookout for CBD oil. The oil contains small amounts of THC, the active ingredient of marijuana.

Prosecutors say they’re also getting the word out to let the public know it’s illegal because they intend to prosecute.

Prosecutors in Jackson County and Marshall County are sending notices to their sheriff’s and other law enforcement to be on the lookout for CBD oil. Prosecutors believe it’s making it’s way to the state from states that do not criminalize marijuana.

Marshall County Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Bray says it’s being marketed as a medical marijuana. While Alabama does allow for the medical use of CBD oil, Bray says you must be under a doctor’s care and have a prescription else it’s illegal to possess or sell it. Bray says it’s popping up in convenience stores and the concern is it’s being marketed toward kids.

“We would also ask the community to be vigilant about it. If you see something in a gas station because it’s usually marketed as what it is, CBD oil. Just know that is illegal. You can call the drug task force and we can get that taken off the market. What we don’t want to happen is for our young people to be exposed to it,” said Bray.

Officials with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office say they will be distributing the information to area businesses to let them know that the oil is illegal.

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