The Marijuana Diet: What It Is And How It Works


What if you could smoke weed and lose weight at the same time? Well, according to Art Glass, the author of The Marijuana Diet, now you can.

Nutrition And The Munchies

The Marijuana Diet is ultimately just a handy dandy, 18-chapter guide to eating right while still being able to munch. Most of the information found in this book, to some extent, seems like common sense, but for the average weed smoker it can be difficult using self-control when you’re standing in the cookie aisle at the grocery store (don’t do this- I’ve learned from experience.)

This book includes a lot of information on how eating fresh fruits and vegetables, along with eliminating processed foods, such as white sugar and flour, can improve your overall wellbeing. Sounds like a regular nutrition book your mom sent to you in college so you would eat healthy, doesn’t it? Perhaps. Except, unlike that book, this nutritional blueprint is also a guide to how marijuana can make that experience even better. As if dieting wasn’t fun enough…

What Does Marijuana Have To Do With Dieting?

According to Glass, smoking weed on The Marijuana Diet can help people get in touch with their psychological and emotional issues, which may have been the reason they’ve been putting on some pounds in the first place. This is because smoking marijuana helps you to expand your mind while becoming an overall happier human being.

Most cannabis enthusiasts can agree that smoking marijuana helps relieve stress. With stress being a leading precursor to death, de-stressing your life while also eating healthy can improve your overall wellbeing, but this isn’t rocket science.

It is also important to add that marijuana does, in fact, increase your metabolism. To tell you the truth, a lot of cannabis consumers will light up before heading to the gym. In The Marijuana Diet, you will find over 100 testimonials from people who have lost 20 to 100 pounds and attribute their success to smoking marijuana. Now that’s impressive.

Get Your Fitness ON,

The Marijuana Diet is not only about clean eating. This diet, just like any other diet, includes exercises, particularly for those who don’t feel like getting up from the couch. Glass’s infamous exercise called ‘Shake the Fat Away’, yes, that’s what it’s called, is a powerful workout that can be accomplished by sitting on the sofa or lying in bed.

Apparently, by following this fitness routine for just 4 minutes a day, you will be able to see a difference within only a few days. Exercising on the couch? Don’t mind if I do.

When following the guidelines of The Marijuana Diet, according to Glass, one can expect these following benefits, to name a few:

– Lose weight

– Detoxify one’s body

– Free one’s body of aches and pains

– De-stress one’s life

– Get in touch with one’s higher self

– Have more fun in life

Perhaps The Marijuana Diet seems too good to be true. Nevertheless, Glass guarantees that following these daily fitness regimens, eating healthy, and of course, smoking marijuana will help you to achieve your best physically and emotionally fit self.