What Happens When You Put Onions In Your Socks Overnight


Here we will discuss what happens when you put onions in your socks. According to the researchers and the experts, our feet have some direct point that connects directly with some internal organs of our body. Also, in Chinese medicine, they call them meridians. They represent the pathways to each organ within your body.

Some people don’t believe in this, but some people who know something about Chinese medicines know that there are some points in the body which are closely related to the nervous system of the body.

The thing to wonder here is, that there is total of 7000 nerve ending present in our bottom of feet, these meridians are closely linked with different organs in the body. These nerve ending work as a very powerful electrical circuits in our body.

The bad news here is, that we damage many of these nerve endings by wearing shows and not using acupuncture exercises

This is the main reason, why walking barefoot is suggested, to regulate the blood flow in the meridians.The bottom of our foot is the best place to for direct action to our internal organs.

Why Garlic and Onion?

This is easy to say that garlic and onion are the healthiest foods on the planet. They are loaded with many nutrients are provide many benefits to our health.

The best thing about garlic and onion is, they are air purifiers too. They kill the germs and bacteria when they are applied to the skin topically.

Do you know, why we cry when we cut the onion because onion is rich in phosphoric acid? This acid is very important to us as it purifies the blood by going inside the bloodstreams.

On more thing to know about onion is that, during the times of plagues in England, people used to chop the onion and spread them in the room to kill the germs and bacteria’s and purify the air.

Now we will show you how you can use onion to kill germs and bacteria and purify your blood.

It suggested to use organic onion, they are pesticide free and works better. Also, if there are chemicals in the onion they will flow in blood streams all night. So try to use organic onions.

Simple steps:

1.Take an onion and cut it into slices.

2.Keep a slice of onion in your socks, in the bottom of your foot. And sleep while wearing that socks.

3.Simple, done.

This slice of onion will start working as soon as it is kept there. It will start removing toxins and will start showing its antibacterial properties.also, it will purify the air in the room.

Onion-socks Health Benefits:

1.Kills toxins and chemicals.

2.The phosphoric acid present in the onion is absorbed by the skin overnight.

3.Kills germs and pathogens.

So the benefits of onion are just extraordinary. We hope that onion will help you in achieving your health goals and this simple thing can help you in living a healthy life.